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#1 2018-07-01 22:08:13


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Pls Read carefully, slow, and overthink every sentence.

im on this server for a week. it was nice too see, that i got a free boost to 80 and with the standard crafting gear from the proffs, but thats in my eyes, kinda a issue. Because you gift someone a full EQ starting Dungeons EQ, and with patch 3.3.5 isnt it so hard to farm gear, run ToC and ICC with same time, it dont realy matter if its a clear run or not, EQ dropps in the few bosses in ICC alot and nice gear. In my Eyes, it should be enough to giving some small gifts, and not mayor changes. we all know, yea we all have a lvl 80 on other server, ofc, we are private server gamer or retail gamer and hate lvling, yea, but that was changed too, we can change the rates from 1 into 3, thats nice, and changed alot with lvlspeed. already lvled a DK from starter base into outland and end was lvl 60 or 61. thats fine, realy. the next issue in my eyes, are kinda the "promises". In reddit i saw, that 150 promo account get Premium for lifetime. or RAF, well i saw that RAF is disabled, so it should changed in Reddit too, cuz thats fakenews.. and no one likes fakenews since Trump is president.. An other thing is, that instant FUll content is lame to the most of players. The nwes which did BLizzard in the last few years, with scaling, Progressive, Classic etc. are really nice, and some servers are well with those. but those server get fast mad, and the players go away. excample Sunwell, Lights Hope, Warmane cuz the toxic is.. damn.. too high.
. Then i saw that Trickstar, or I bims 1 MadTrickstar got bullied af, i dont know him, and dunno what he did, but in this small community, you will know a person really fast, thats obvious, were humans are nosy af, i know that, cuz i learned psychology in my college.. The next thing is the balance, i played today on another server, just 4fun, instant 80 and run pvp. at the time, i checked the online players on the HP, and saw only Horde, or no one.. i dont know what that means, but yea.. dont know if thats a good sign or not. Just sitting AFk the whole would help alot, or just doing new chars after new chars, that new players see, that someone is playing here and its not a dead server, till the cost of the root is finished. @Snow i know its not alpha or beta, but it doesnt help to do a new start , because maybe old players did mistakes, bullied each other, or pissed them off with i dunno, account sharing or multibox. yea multibox, one point more, multibox is fine, but too much isnt good, like, 1 ally and 1 horde is fine
but we can all run more then 2 or 3 wow each pc, yea thats the time and the power which got PCs, but it dont helped soo much, cuz players will easily know, which char is the alt of this char.
one more thing which i have, the server can run it on 3.3.5, but maybe you can set a small progressive thing into it, with playerbase. block the entrance from all raids, and start with the normal ones, naxx, OS, EoE, and just open, when some guilds or the playerbase reached the achiv with clear 10, or 75% of clear in the Last Raid, so it exist a small progressive, and it don take soo much time for coding or restart, just to enable the entrance, and when weekly startet from ToC or ICC or other, maybe it can changed to the main raid, which are currently available.
And maybe the Emplembs changes, but i dont know, if that is a big deal to code. or change from thriumph into hero into valor into etc.
its one group, maybe i think the same dudes but how about 2-3 other dudes? when there are for excample 14 dudes, all can go into icc, but only 10 can go in
why not scaling like retail? ne more in rasid, the more harder it is? maybe the learning how to know the code, or something is maybe the issue, or the life time, cuz its hard to code maybe, im not a IT specialist
so the player comes, and only 10% or even less stay here? cuz the player saw, hey, its low polulated, maybe i can get a BiS Char here, but in some hours they get into mind, well.. here is less then in other wotlk server.. i leave, cuz there is nothing to do, cuz you get 2 proffs, fully gear cuz you get it for nothing, because the transfer is kinda.. abusing? you just write a post, with no Screen of the last char? well.. kinda suspecious?
maybe it helps more, when everyone just need to lvl, that means, the new players see, that players allving, and stay for a higher chance, instead of gifting everything
Charboost discuss:
maybe you should put a screen rule into it, which shows the char, with the realm
cuz private servers are not secret
ive saw the list in reddit, and hell there are alot of private servers
some are highly overpopulated, some are just nothing, they just exist.
cuz when we see the realm, we can look after the realm and approve it, cuz we know, its a instant 80 server? is it retail? is it warmane? etc. you can write everything in the boost80 section, and get a char for free


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