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Server Rules & Regulations

Realm Language

1.1 -The official language on the "world" chat is English. Use of another language is mutable, however a GM will usually give you a warning.

1.2 - Language in SAY, YELL, EMOTE, or anything that anyone can view is to be appropriate. Any uninviting language will result in a mute without warning.

1.3 - Spamming in any chat, as mentioned above, will result in a mute.

1.4 - Advertising is not allowed. It will be up to the GM's discretion on the action taken.

1.5 - Any bullying/hazing is no longer tolerated. It will lead to an immediate 15 minute mute, and if it continues, may lead up to account termination.

Realm Conduct

2.1 - It is the responsibility of the player to uphold the realm's integrity. However, when that integrity is compromised a GM may intervene. At any point if you cheat, exploit, bug, or otherwise use anything not intended for it's own purpose, may result in an account or character suspension at the discretion of a GM.

2.2 - At not point is there to be macro'd text in any chat. This is an unnecessary load on the server.

2.3 - Arena boosting is strictly prohibited. Joining and leaving without participating is prohibited. This will be handled at an administrative level.

2.4 - Selling in-game items for real-life currency is RESTRICTED. Zero tolerance policy. You will be IP banned and your account will be permanently banned.

2.4 - Multiple accounts are allowed, as long as the purpose and number is reasonable.

2.5 - Any deleted items are un-returnable.

2.6 - Any inappropriate names, or spam names are eligible for rename. If you feel like you were renamed in wrong, please make a thread in the Help & Support section.

2.7 - We will not trade your gear for others. If you purchase an item which costs a token, emblem, or currency it will be final.

2.8 - We will not transfer gear from one of your characters to another.

Please ensure that you are also familiar with our Terms of Service.

These rules are not definite, and may be updated at any time, with or without notice.

You can contact us via email at:


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