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#1 2018-05-16 17:50:42


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But before that was studying engineering. So...joined the military. Am a pacifist....but wanted to see the world, stop evil and suffering. Rather fish or explore. I like to gamble, drink, cook, meditate, read, mess with gadgets, find treasure (usually because I am interested in history and ruins-but who doesn't like gold?)  I don't judge you based on your race, though...humans are ...let's say I don't like Arthas. Addiction to crystal manna is a problem and I hope to find a cure....ok, this is all just in my mind-don't worry. It's for laughs. If you wanna do dungeons, pm me. If you want to do pvp, never tried it. Willing tho. Hit me up. Tho, I am a pacifist, I suppose I should learn how to kill better since I do special ops in the fight evil, of course.
I get special assignments, if I tell you more, I would have to kill you ...or, try. Considering most of you have boosted chars LMAO big_smile
No I don't role play...sort of...I just make shit up. Nice to meet you.
I never played retail. I was insta 80 dranae warlock elsewhere and raided..custom stuff..not regular. I was interested in what the real game is like but maybe with a few tweeks that don't change the game that much. Found your server. PS I don't really know WoW lore so if you wanna chill over some alcohol and tell me, nice. I will listen...or google it when not lazy.
Look forward to learning to play combat rogue. I'm here to chill and experience the world that I never got to see elsewhere. I checked other places out but this place seems very promising, the community nice and GM responsive and professional.
Def voting daily and rooting for this world to be successful.
Name is Jaxx....cya in game


#2 2018-05-16 17:59:40


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Re: Blackjaxx

Welcome to the server and forums Jax!
Hope you will enjoy here!


#3 2018-05-16 18:01:09


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Re: Blackjaxx

Welcome man wink


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