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#1 2018-05-12 19:04:01


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Wasted Years

We here at "Wasted Years" would like to Introduce ourselves, we are a social, casual, and raiding guild.
We are the largest active Alliance guild on Shadowburn as of yet, we are alway's looking for more players to join us in making a home here.
    Whether you are Alliance or Horde we all work together to make one big family here on this wonderful new server "Shadowburn".
The owner of this server "Knindza", we what to say thank you for all the hard work you do to help everyone when they need it, an how fast you respond.
Thank You for allowing us to be apart of Shadowburn.
    Also we have American and European players in "Wasted Years" guild so there is almost always someone online to help others if needed.
We use Discord Join us anytime Alliance and Horde.

                                                                                            From all the members of Wasted Years
                                                                                                           Thank You


#2 2018-05-12 19:30:37


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Re: Wasted Years

Welcome to server and forums guys!


#3 2018-05-12 19:31:27


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Re: Wasted Years

Nice one, welcome dude big_smile


#4 2018-05-13 00:18:04


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Re: Wasted Years

Welcome  big_smile


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